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Why Join Juicy AF

Hello! My darling, welcome!

We  are high-achieving women for whom drinking a glass of wine "to take the edge off” has become a drinking problem that's mystifyingly impossible to address on our own.

We stop the drinking spiral for good through learning experiences we go through together, telling our honest stories and using a common set of tools,

So we can replace drinking our drinking lives with joyous interesting and vital alcohol-free lives. We replace "Drunk Me" with being happy with ourselves, living in abundant health, beauty, money, love and adventure.

This is for you if...

You are a woman. (No boys allowed.)

You are curious about sobriety.

You wish you would drink less.

You wake up after drinking with anxiety, remorse and shame.

Drunk You does things Sober You would never do.

You're struggling to cut back or quit.

You've given up the booze but life seems flat.

You might be thinking...

"Can't I simply quit on my own?"

The opposite of addiction is connection. (Johann Hari, Ted Talk) Many women drink because they feel lonely, isolated and overwhelmed. Unless that underlying feeling is addressed, you'll probably drink again.

"Do I have to use my real name?"

No. You really don't. You may find, however, over time that you want to.

This is a private, closed community. And we're all here for the same reason.

"Why is this community only for women?"

Women speak differently when we're not with men, according to linguist Deborah Tannen from Georgetown University. We tell stories to establish commonalities, where men jockey for position on a hierarchy. She has seen these patterns in kids as young as 3 years old. And when we're in mixed company, we speak "male" as it is the dominant force in our society.

Secondly, over half of women with substance abuse issues have experienced trauma, mostly at the hands of men. The "no boys allowed rule" is to ensure we all feel safe enough to tell the truth.

Plus, girlfriends are really fun.

Why should you believe me?

I drank for 25 years. And I was a Senior VP at a global ad agency. At the same time.

My body reacts to alcohol very strangely. 

I drink and my clothes fall off! 😂😂😂

Once I start, I want more. And more. And MORE. 

And even after I decide I will never do THAT again, I always end up drinking again.

Third, my thinking gets wiggy, and I spend a lot of time ruminating about drinking: how bad it was, how my hangover is doing, and how I'm going to make it work better next time.

In 1999, I crossed a moral line that was simply unacceptable. 

I. Was. Done.

On my AF way, I've become a very successful entrepreneur. An executive coach. A clairvoyant (I do live in Boulder, and it's kinda expected here). And a minister. Who says "fuck." A lot.

I've helped women transform from "Drunk Me" into "Juicy AF me." Stopping the drinking spiral is only the beginning.

It would be a privilege to know you. Click below to introduce yourself.

What's this community like?

We can drop the façade that we have our shit together and tell the truth. We're all high-achievers. We get it.

We share our experience and insights, struggles and successes. No advice-giving.

Each week, we practice one spiritual principle in a myriad of ways, with the whole community focused on applying one idea at a time. This creates a rich, shared, transformational experience.

Scroll all the way down and click on "Choose a Plan."

And please introduce yourself so I can welcome you personally.

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